Tackboards are offered in an array of styles starting with the trim style and type:
Wood Trim
Aluminum Trim
Square Corners
Radiused Corners
Specialized Trim -
Euro Style

Basic Tackboard Facing Materials Include:
Natural Cork Finish.  This cork can be laminated to fiberboard or hardboard, and is available in
     in 1/16", 1/8", and in 1/4" thicknesses.  Each thickness dictates price level and availability from
Plas-Cork Finish.  This material is one of the most durable tackable surfaces made today.  
     It is made of a synthetic cork material with linseed oil and other binders and is usually
     stablized with a hardboard backer sheet.
Vinyl Covered Tack Surface.  The usual substrate is fiberboard.  however, vinyl has
     often been used as a covering over cork with hardboard panel and cork over fiberboard.  
     Each offers its own unique quality and affects price levels.

               Natural Cork in Aluminum Trim w/Euro  Corner Detail             

 Fabric Covered Tackboard w/Aluminum Trim      Fabric Covered Tackboard  In Wood Trim

  Plas-cork Tackboard  In Wood Trim                     Plas-cork Tackboard  In Aluminum Trim  

            Vinyl on FiberboardTackboard  In Aluminum Trim  and with Wood Trim

                         Fabric Self-wrapped Edged Tackboards          
          Radius-edged Tackboards                             Square-edged Tackboards