Sliding Markerboards
There are two typical species of sliding boards:

Horizontal Sliders

Horizontal Sliding Units maximize the use of valuable wall space. They can be configured
with up to four sliding markerboards and one full width tackboard in the same amount of
space as one traditional board.  These high performance units are equipped
with two sliding and one stationary premium Vitre Steel porcelain markerboards or chalkboards.  

The boards travel smoothly on nylon top mounted roller tracks and are held fast in place by
the bottom mounted guide bearings allowing the user to easily position the boards as needed.

Built to last, they are constructed with durable heavy gauge aluminum trim with an attractive
anodized finish. The back fixed full width panel has a 1/4" thick natural cork posting surface.

Vertical Sliders

Vertical Sliding Units are efficiently designed to maximize the use of valuable wall space.

Equipped with two premium Vitre Steel porcelain markerboards with ultra light honeycomb
backing that are counterbalanced and can be raised or lowered smoothly and with fingertip ease.
A third rear stationary markerboard can be fully exposed by positioning the two sliding
boards behind the fixed kick panel. Kick panels are equipped with attractive Burlap
Weave vinyl which is durable and washable.
V3 high gloss surface is standard
V2 low gloss markerboard surface
is also available (requires regular
cleaning for optimum performance)
Specify optional v2 surface when ordering.
Example: 10' x 8' markerboard with optional
v2 surface FFVSU96-2v2.

2-Panel Vertical Markerboard Slider with fixed Markerboard Backer
Includes Chalk tray and fixed toe kick front panel

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