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 Advantek Handles Many Specialty Products.

 We Also Offer  Quick Ship Products

             For Those Times When

You Must Get Something "IN A HURRY"

    Combo Units                  Markerboards          Tackboards                  Bulletin Boards           Conference

          Student Tables                Demonstration Table           Multi-Student Tables

We continually strive to bring newer, more exciting, more competitive,
more specialized products and services to you, our customer.
Not all products will ship immediately.  And, we will do our best to let you know which ones are available in a Quick Ship basis.  However, please pay close attention to any limitations affecting their "quick ship" status like:

Limited Quantity of Purchase - Some products do have an upper limit on the number of units that can be purchased on a "quick ship" basis.
Limited Color Selections.  A full range of colors is usually not possible for products made to inventory.
End Of Summer Requirements - Even the best production line can't always plan for the "end of summer" rush to get that last board or cabinet in place.  
However, in most cases, you should be able to get what you need as quickly as the order can be processed and product shipped.

  One Last Thing!
If you don't see it, Call US! We carry MULTIPLE LINES of products and can offer  quite a variety including non-standard ITEMS.  
So, if you wanted a size or detail that can't be found in our shopping cart,
mailto: sales@acvs-llc.com

We will provide pricing and availability and are committed to a rapid response.  

Take a moment to scan the product categories to the left.

Do not hesitate to call with questions or to get a quotation.

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