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Advantek offers products from a number of sources to insure the best match
available for specific requirements.

The following Markerboards include sizes available for quick shipment.

Please check each section below individually for quantity and size restrictions available on Quick Ship status.

 PR Series Markerboards (Some available for quick shipment)

This product includes a porcelain coated steel facing over commercial-grade fiberboard with a mylar backer
to protect the substrate from any damage due to exposure to moisture.
The board is available with or without a maprail and also includes a standard "BLADE" style chalk tray.
The facing will hold magnets for posting notes and other items.
It also has a full 50 Year Warranty on the facing if the product fails under normal wear and tear.

                                     PR  Series Markerboard

CLICK HERE for sizes and pricing information on the PR Series Product.

 The LCS Series Markerboard

The LCS markerboard is shown directly below.  This "commercial grade" product includes the Deluxe "LCS" markerboard surface.  This surface will hold magnets and is easily erasable with standard markerboard erasers.
Each unit noted immediately below has width dimension as noted in the description.  All units are nominally 48" high.
Designed with a 5/8" satin aluminum trim, this product includes:
Blade Chalk Tray with end caps
1" Top Tack/Maprail


There is a quantity limit to ordering this product on "Quick Ship" of 5 Units.  Please call or send an email request for greater quantities.  We will give our most competitive price along with factoring freight for greater quantities.  We will also verify the production time required prior to shipment.
CLICK HERE for sizes and pricing information on the LCS Series Product.

 The CB Series Markerboard
This rugged Markerboard boasts a 1 1/4" wide aluminum trim with hang rail used to support this "contractors grade" quality product.  With its heavier profile, it gives the appearance of strength and durability.  Coupled with a boxed chalk tray and a full 50 year warranty on the facing, this product is designed for high-abuse areas where a surface capable of constant use is needed.  


CLICK HERE for sizes and pricing information on the CB Series Product.

 Combination Boards

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CLICK HERE for sizes and pricing information on the Crestline Series Product.