Folding In-Wall Tables and Benches (Standard Portable and Folding Tables soon)
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The In-Wall Folding Table provides the following benefits:
Minimum Storage requirements
For each 14 linear feet of table length, the pocket depth is only 6" front to back.  
     This means if surface-mounted, the pocket storage requirements will only that deep!
Pockets go from approx. 6" deep to 24" deep.  Each 6" of depth will house a table/bench
     combination.  A 24" deep pocket will house 56 linear feet of table space!
Recessed storage pockets are also available.  The dimensions are about the same to!
Tables and Benches move independently of each other for ease of placement.

Due to the multiple variables that could affect the overall installation of these
units, it is best that quote requests be sent to our office.  

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